Greece Part 2: Santorini

So, after spending a few days in Athens, we took a short flight over to Santorini. It was about a 20 minute flight, and the plane fit about 20 people on it.

Santorini was the most beautiful place in the world. The scenery is indescribable, it really is enough to take your breath away. This is the kind of place where you can take the most amazing photos and not have to edit them at all, simply because it is just so naturally perfect.

Those white buildings with the bright blue roofs are a key identifying feature of Santorini, and the whole island is covered in them. Being there makes you feel like you’ve been there for a lifetime, even if you’ve just arrived!


There really are no words to describe just how much I absolutely loved being in Santorini, the beauty, and sights were amazing, just walking around the city was absolutely amazing! There was so much great shopping, and cliffside restaurants, cafes and bars that we got to enjoy.

That was one thing we definitely enjoyed so much, all of the amazing food there! Even though I am not too adventurous in what I eat, and ate a lot of chicken while I was there, every single thing I ate was absolutely amazing!


We spent a whole day just sitting and enjoying the beach. We read, tanned (by the way, as someone who is so pale, and burns without even having to be in the sun, I got the most amazing tan I ever had, I was golden brown for weeks after coming home!), and drank by the water. One thing that was surprising to us, was just how cold the water was! We definitely expected the mediterranean sea to be a lot warmer than it was! It was nice however to have it there to cool off in, because the sun was so hot!

Another great thing that Santorini has to offer are the amazing sunsets! We got to see a beautiful one down from the beach one day, and then another day sat at a bar on the cliff face and just watched the sun go down, and it really is the most beautiful sunset I have seen in my life! Highly recommend taking the time to watch the sunset if you’re in Santorini!


As for things to do in Santorini, we spent a lot of time just walking around the cities, there is a bus that goes from one end of the island to the other, and although some of the roads are pretty thin, and it gets a little scary sometimes, that was a great way to travel! We went to Akrotiri Excavations, which is where they uncovered an ancient city that was covered when the volcano exploded many many years ago. It was so amazing getting to go though and see a whole city and parts of people’s lives that were uncovered.

Also hiked around to Red Beach, which is a red sand beach, and has a bright red cliff face behind it. It contrasts so well with the blue of the water. Walking home from dinner one night we walked past an open restaurant where they were taking part in a celebratory Greek tradition of smashing plates on the ground, and dancing. It was so cool to get to watch! My tickle reflexes came into question when we went for a pedicure at a fish spa! You put your feet in these little aquariums and they fish just swarm and nibble all of the dead skin off of your feet! It felt really weird, but worked! I was impressed.


Overall, Santorini was the highlight of our Greece trip! There are so many things to see, no matter where on the island you are, you can find a beautiful view! And the people were so nice everywhere. Nothing can describe the beauty that the island offers, or the rich history that was present everywhere you go. Even if you’re just going and sitting on the beach for the day, it is the most incredibly perfect time!


Alexis Letkeman


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